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The Copper Bateau, from £5,000 plus VAT. 

Bathrooms don’t get much more luxurious than those designed entirely for you, says Rita Rendo-Castro, Head of PR and Marketing at Catchpole and Rye

A bespoke bathroom allows you the opportunity to design and customise your bathroom pieces to your specific requirements. This gives you a unique look that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

In our experience at Catchpole & Rye, the most important element to remember when designing your bathroom is that it is all about your space and how the individual bathroom fittings tie together. Think about the look you are trying to achieve; will it meet your daily lifestyle needs? Would you need a separate shower?

It’s also really important to think about the practicalities. Storage is always an issue when it comes to bathrooms, so it helps if you incorporate a hidden cupboard or a vanity unit where you can keep all of your essential items out of view.

When it comes to choosing colour for your bathroom, stick to classic whites and greys, and add colour with accessories. Neutral colours will always evoke a sense of calm and your bathroom should be a place of sanctuary.

Manhattan Double Washstand, POA

If you’re looking to add some glamour to your bespoke bathroom, a freestanding bath positioned centrally in a room or placed under a feature window can really add the wow factor. The key is to try to keep things symmetrical, which brings balance to the room.

Images: Richard Gooding

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