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Why Cava has a new lease of life

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Up the game when it comes to food and wine pairing


After suffering years of backlash, Chardonnay is back in favour – Rob Buckhaven investigates the new, more demure version of the wine we all love to hate.

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It’s all very well for wine writers like me to tell you to go forth and broaden your drinking repertoire, but how? There’s a sea of new wines flooding our supermarket shelves every week, but where’s the recommendation life raft to clamber aboard? Well, look no further!

Alyn Williams at The Westbury - Coddled duck egg lovage Muscat grapes brioche

Our resident wine expert, Rob Buckhaven, moves away from his usual tipple to test out the new beer pairing initiative at Alyn Williams’ restaurant at The Westbury hotel in London’s Mayfair.

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Though wine is a subjective subject, with no two palates the same, there are some grapes and styles on which we agree. What starts as a fad can prove hard to shake, think Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. To predict what we will be guzzling in the future is tricky, so we usually have to build on what we are already seeing. Here are my predictions for the year ahead……

England’s southern counties are blazing a trail when it comes to redefining their sparkling wines, which means exciting times ahead, says our resident wine expert Rob Buckhaven

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There’s a world of white wines created especially for this season shift that are poised to become part of your autumnal drinking repertoire…

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Every big star has the hungry scion snapping at their heels, and well known grapes with box-office clout can become over-exposed and lose their allure. So here’s my run-down of where to look when the time comes to seek out the understudy…