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Our drinks expert, Rob Buckhaven, explains why rosé is THE wine to be drinking this summer and unearths the best bottles from around the world to try right now…

Here’s a fun fact: most red wine is served too warm, just as most whites are over-chilled to within an inch of their lives. The rule of thumb is ‘serve red at room temperature’, but since central heating and modern insulation came on the scene, room temperature is now a smidge on the high side.

Spring is all about sifting out the comfort-zone favourites and making way for the new. Whether we’re talking clothes, diets or simply a spring clean, an annual shake-up can make the world of difference to our outlook on life. Likewise, our wine palates can benefit from a freshen-up, as it’s all too easy to stick with what we’ve come to know and glug.

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There is a myth that chocolate and wine don’t pair well together. Sure, it can have pronounced flavours with a tendency to overpower, but if you think clever and get the balance right, it can also be the money-match made in heaven.

Rob Buckhaven: Valentine's wine guide

Valentine’s Day shows us that romance is alive and kicking, and if you’re in need of some solid guidance when it comes to choosing the wines to accompany the gestures, look no further

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With Christmas giving us the green-light to indulge without feeling the guilt-factor, come January it’s time to get the health back into our lives. In the past this might have involved giving up alcohol altogether, but these days such drastic measures just aren’t necessary, or appealing, says Rob Buckhaven.

Bin that dusty, half-empty bottle at the back of your larder, Rob Buckhaven explains why Port is a drink to be celebrated this Christmas.