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The ideal kitchen needs to be both useful and beautiful, says John Sims-Hilditch, Co-Founder of Neptune

Make life easier by considering the right configuration – this will save you a lot of time and effort. The oven, fridge and sink should be placed within an easy step or two from one another. Opt for white surfaces that will reflect the light, giving the illusion of a larger surface area.

Make use of all available wall and ceiling space, and add shelves and wall-mounted plate racks and cabinets where there is room to do so. Place the most used pans, crockery and utensils here for easy access.

The larder has almost overtaken the kitchen island as being something close to the top of people’s kitchen wish lists. A deep larder with adjustable shelves to accommodate products of all shapes and sizes is a great way to keep the food store in order and in one efficient place. If you can make room for a beautifully designed larder cabinet – be it slim or cavernous and doubledoored – then it’s a worthy investment.

Remember that a larder doesn’t have to be a cabinet and it doesn’t have to be large. If space is limited, you can create a mini-larder by using a countertop cabinet instead, filling it and styling it as you would a pantry. Or, use open shelving to do the same thing, which can be ideal if you have a slim space remaining at the end of a cabinetry run.
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