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Jean-Georges’ latest opening at the Connaught

Restaurant review_The Henrietta Hotel_lobby bar

Lady Barbara Judge discovers Chef Ollie Dabbous’ new venture

Lady Barbara Judge returns to the restaurant’s latest incarnation

Lady Barbara Judge discovers Mere

Aster Restaurant bar

Lady Barbara Judge discovers a fantastic new addition to London Victoria’s evolving dining scene in the shape of Aster, a Nordic-inspired café, deli and restaurant…

Aquavit restaurant dish, St James'

Light, fresh and delicious; Lady Barbara Judge samples the Nordic delights at London’s Aquavit restaurant in St James’…


Philip Howard’s latest venture, Elystan Street, is already making waves in Chelsea, as Lady Barbara Judge discovered… twice!

Duende - PWF - Oyster fritura with sherry emulsion almonds and Rio Frio caviar

Lady Barbara Judge discovers a spirited Spanish delight with her family at Encant in Covent Garden…

Pharmacy 2 interior 2_Prudence Cuming Associates -® 2H Restaurant Ltd

Lady Barbara Judge Steps into a wild and wonderful dreamworld as she samples London’s Pharmacy 2, the new collaboration between Mark Hix and Damien Hirst…

Les 110 Taillevent London, Lady Barbara Judge Review

Lady Barbara Judge has a fabulously fun evening at London’s Les 110 des Taillevent…