Tuna & Chilli Mango Salad

A delicious, refreshing salad with a kick – perfect for warmer days.

For the mango & cucumber salsa

47g fresh mango diced
47g cucumber diced (large)
6g red onion finely chopped
2g chopped chillies
2g grated ginger
2g sherry vinegar
1ml extra virgin olive oil
1g chopped coriander


100g tuna
x5 baby gem lettuce leaves
50g mixed leaves


  • Mix together all the ingredients for the mango and cucumber salsa and set aside
  • Season and quickly sear the the tuna in a very hot pan, making sure to keep it rare
  • Leave to rest before cutting into 6 slices
  • Arrange the baby gem lettuce leaves around a plate before adding 50g of mixed leaves seasoned with French dressing
  • Add 100g of the mango and cucumber salsa
  • Neatly place the seared tuna on top


Recipe courtesy of Aubaine

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